Leadership at LWIA 23

Staff to the Board

Entrusted with the management of daily operations and activities, the Board Chair and Board Staff implement the directives of the Board and advance progress to the mission.

Pat Click

Pat has served his community as an elected official both as a city alderman and school board member. He is the President of the Greater Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and serves as Chairman of the Board of LWIA #23. When it comes to workforce development and WIOA initiatives, that’s where Pat finds a passion to help others. He is often overheard talking with people throughout Area 23 about the opportunities that WIOA provides and is a constant referral source for individuals and businesses to participate in the resources available through the local

workforce area. He feels that every community needs to be aware and promote ways that businesses and individuals can upward mobilize themselves in the local, state, national, and world marketplace. Pat thinks that the atmosphere of collaborative efforts by the partner agencies involved with WIOA has never been better to help individuals succeed, while job and education opportunities are everywhere if we only get people and businesses started in the right direction.

Jamie Corda Hadjaoui

Jamie joined the staff in May 2020. Coming from a background in the private business sector as well as post-secondary Career and Technical Education, Jamie recognizes the value and possesses the dedication to strengthening the local economy through workforce development.

Tony Logue

Tony has worked in workforce development through WIA and now WIOA since 2003.  He began in compliance with regulations, and since has become a jack-of-all-trades as it relates to WIOA.   Helping people to become self-sufficient and reach their goals is incredibly fulfilling and Tony is happy to be part of an impactful service.

Debbie Whitacre

Debbie Whitacre previously worked under the Workforce Investment Act from 2007-2013 as a Fiscal Assistant.  The knowledge gained during those years has helped build a solid foundation for her current position, which she started in 2019, as WIOA Financial Operations Coordinator for LWIA 23 at LakeLand College.  Debbie strives daily to maintain superior fiscal responsibility, allowing our programs to help serve as many people and businesses in our area as possible.